Software management with GNU Guix

by Ludovic Courtes
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In addition to module, PlaFRIM users can manage software environments using GNU Guix, a general-purpose package manager. Why use Guix? Guix can be used in addition to and in parallel with module. There are several reasons why it might be useful to you: Guix provides more than 7,500 software packages including: utilities such as tmux, compiler toolchains (GCC, Clang), Python software (Scikit-Learn, NumPy, etc.), HPC libraries (Open MPI, MUMPS, PETSc, etc.). Pre-built binaries are usually available for packages you install, which makes installation fast. You get to choose when you upgrade or remove packages you've installed for yourself, and can roll…

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Post-processing/3D Visualization

by Philippe Depouilly
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Using 3D visualization with VirtualGL and TurboVNC pre-requisite : - Install and setup on your desktop TurboVNC Viewer Connect to plafrim : module load slurm visu/srun srun-visu The first time, TurboVNC will ask you for a password to secure the X11 session Wait for a result like : Waiting for a slot on a visualization serverUsing 3D visualization with VirtualGL and TurboVNC Desktop 'TurboVNC: visu01:1 (login)' started on display visu01:1 Starting applications specified in /home/login/.vnc/xstartup.turbovnc Log file is /home/login/.vnc/visu01:1.log Launched vncserver: visu01:1 Now, in another terminal, open a new SSH session to plafrim like this: "ssh plafrim -N -L 5901:visu01:5901…

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by François Rue
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2018 December 3 , 2018 Inria, PlaFRIM et CATIE sont organisateurs sur Bordeaux du Hacakaton GENCI   3 et 4 décembre 2018 Inria Bordeaux Sud-Ouest - Salle Ada Lovelace   Le périmètre Thématiques des sujets : Optimisation : Amélioration des performances d’une application de recherche ou industrielle Portage : Portage d’une application sur de nouvelles architectures de calcul (GPU, ARM, FPGA, …) Grands sujets d’intérêts : Aide à la décision, Sciences Humaines et Sociales, Intelligence Artificielle, … Moyens : cluster PlaFRIM Support technique   Le règlement du Hackathon ici Les sujets locaux Portage sur GPU d’un code de détection d’anomalies…

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Cleaning of /lustre storage and quota implementation

by Julien Lelaurain
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The Luster filesystem "/lustre" is close to be saturated (in terms of inodes). If the system reaches the saturation, creation of new files on /lustre will no longer be possible. It is therefore necessary for each user to clean up his personal directory /lustre/<LOGIN>. We remind you that the storage space /lustre is a temporary work area and is not saved. To store your non-temporary and big data, it is also possible to use the iRODS service. Information on it is available here: We will implement a quota in terms of number of file per user (~ 400 000).…

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Preemption queue “testpreempt”

by Nathalie Furmento
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The queue "testpreempt" The queue "testpreempt" allows to run jobs outside the usual limits on unused computing resources (during the day but mostly at night and on weekends) without blocking the access to the resources for jobs running on the other queues. This means the jobs can be stopped ("preempted") suddenly at every moment if a regular job needs the ressources. The job will be restarted when the resources become available. The code must regularly backup its state ("checkpoint") and make sure the backup is safe (the job could be stopped while backing up) and be able to restart on…

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