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  • Feedback on platform presentation seminar

    The seminar which presented PlaFRIM2 (announcement) took place on tuesday, december 15th at the IMB. Thirty people attented the talks. The slides are available here: Introduction Machine access Compute nodes Irods The modules Slurm

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  • Training session on the Allinea forge

    The Plafrim team organizes regurlarly training sessions for developers. A training session on the Allinea forge will take place on December 3rd&4th, 2015 in the Inria building at Talence. Program: Getting started with Allinea Forge Profiling an HPC application using Map Enabling bug detection during the development process Identifying and…

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  • Seminar on Platform Presentation

    A seminar on the presentation of the platform will take place on Tuesday 15th December from 2pm to 5pm in the amphitheater of the IMB. The schedule is as follows: General presentation of the platform Goal of the users commission How to access the platform ? The front nodes and…

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