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  • Software management with GNU Guix

    In addition to module, PlaFRIM users can manage software environments using GNU Guix, a general-purpose package manager. Why use Guix? Guix can be used in addition to and in parallel with module. There are several reasons why it might be useful to you: Guix provides more than 7,500 software packages including:…

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  • Post-processing/3D Visualization

    Using 3D visualization with VirtualGL and TurboVNC pre-requisite : - Install and setup on your desktop TurboVNC Viewer Connect to plafrim : module load slurm visu/srun srun-visu The first time, TurboVNC will ask you for a password to secure the X11 session Wait for a result like : Waiting for…

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  • Module naming policy

    Users can install modules they want to share with the community in the directory /cm/shared/dev. To do so, one needs to belong to the unix group plafrim-dev (just send a ticket to plafrim-support to be added in the group). In order to increase and to ease the use of the…

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