iRODS Storage Resource


An iRODS Storage Resource is available at the MCIA (mésocentre Aquitain).

It allows to backup your research data.


IMPORTANT : Encryption is not available (without authentication). Data are unencrypted both on the disks and on the network. If necessary, you need to encrypt data by yourself.

Data are scattered over 7 sites (Bordeaux and Pau).

IRODS keeps 3 copies of every file:

  • one nearby the storage resource the data was first copied on,
  • one at the MCIA (near Avakas),
  • one in another storage resource.

Default quota : 500Gb.

Help :

How to use the system

One needs an account at the mesocentre. To do so, go to the page to request a Avakas account at

  1. Connect to the mesocentre to initialize your IRODS account, choose a specific password for iRODS. When loading the module, the iRODS account will be initialised.
    1) ssh
    2) module load irods/mcia
  2. On PlaFRIM – Prepare your environment by calling the command iiint and answer the given questions.
    1) module load tools/irods
    2) iinit
    1. Host:
    2. Port: 1247
    3. Zone: MCI
    4. Default Resource : siterg-imb (for PlaFRIM) (from another platform, choose siterg-ubx)
    5. Password : …

The IRODS password can only be changed from depuis Avakas

  1. module load irods/mcia
  2. mcia-irods-password

Basic commands

« FTP »

  • icd [irods_path] (change the working directory)
  • imkdir irods_path (create a directory)
  • ils [irods_path] (list directory contents)
  • iput locale_file [irods_path] (upload a file)
  • iget irods_file [locale_path] (download a file)

« rsync »

  • irsync locale_path irods_path
    • Irods path start with « i: » : i:foo/bar
    • irsync foo i:bar/zzz
    • irsync i:bar/zzz foo

The list of all available commands can be found here

Quick documentation

  • icommand -h

To go further