Post-processing/3D Visualization

Using 3D visualization with VirtualGL and TurboVNC

pre-requisite :
– Install and setup on your desktop TurboVNC Viewer

Connect to plafrim :

module load slurm visu/srun

The first time, TurboVNC will ask you for a password to secure the X11 session

Wait for a result like :

Waiting for a slot on a visualization serverUsing 3D visualization with VirtualGL and TurboVNC

Desktop ‘TurboVNC: visu01:1 (login)’ started on display visu01:1

Starting applications specified in /home/login/.vnc/xstartup.turbovnc
Log file is /home/login/.vnc/visu01:1.log

Launched vncserver: visu01:1

Now, in another terminal, open a new SSH session to plafrim like this: “ssh plafrim -N -L 5901:visu01:5901 &”
and launch TurboVNC viewer (vncviewer command) on your desktop on “localhost:1”

Now open another SSH using the suggested command.

– In the Applications menu,  you will find the Visit and Paraview softwares.
– In order to use a 3D (OpenGL) program via the CLI, put vglrun before the command, like: vglrun paraview

Halting srun-visu (via Ctrl-C ou scancel) or closing the first SSH session will stop the post-processing session.

On you desktop :

Run TurboVNC vncviewer

vncviewer will ask you for the DISPLAY value (from previous command) and the session password.

Notice :

The default session time is limited to two hours. To specify a different session time, use :

srun-visu --time=HH:MM:SS

A session time cannot exceed eight hours (–time=08:00:00).