New parallel storage space

A new parallel BeeGFS file system (see is now available on PlaFRIM. You will find a /beegfs/<LOGIN> directory on all PlaFRIM nodes.
This parallel file system replaces the /lustre storage which is no longer under warranty and is not recommended.

The data in this directory are not saved. The quota is 1 TB per user.
If you need to write/read massively and/or in parallel, this is the preferred file system unlike your /home/<LOGIN> directory.

Information on all available storage spaces can be found in the plafrim website’s FAQ (see here).

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information

New PlaFRIM nodes fingerprint

Many of you are reporting connection problems related to changing the fingerprint of development servers when connecting to SSH.

To make sure you can accept this change, you will find below the new fingerprint of these servers :


Do not hesitate if you need more information.

Cleaning of /lustre storage and quota implementation

The Luster filesystem “/lustre” is close to be saturated (in terms of inodes). If the system reaches the saturation, creation of new files on /lustre will no longer be possible.

It is therefore necessary for each user to clean up his personal directory /lustre/<LOGIN>.

We remind you that the storage space /lustre is a temporary work area and is not saved.

To store your non-temporary and big data, it is also possible to use the iRODS service. Information on it is available here

We will implement a quota in terms of number of file per user (~ 400 000).

Thank you for your understanding,