As indicated in the message of November 8th, the migration is ongoing.

Currently, as a reminder:

   1.  when you connect to PlaFRIM, you arrive on the devel01 or devel02 front nodes, which are latest generation Skylake machines.
   2.  you can still connect to the old front node by typing ‘ssh plafrim2’; this part of the platform (miriel, breeze, mouse, arm01, sirocco…) will be migrated quickly to the new version of the platform
   3. quickly, you will find on PlaFRIM:
        * the machines you have been working on until now
        * the new bora machines (dual-socket Skylake 36 cores and 192 GB of memory)
        * modules with default modules dedicated to the target architecture you are working on
        * a /dev space for modules where all users can provide their own software stacks available to other users; it will be necessary to redo all previous dev modules, the old ones being no longer functional for this new version of the platform
        * a single slurm partition (routing) that allows you to address all machines; to choose a particular category of machines, you can specify the associated “feature” (to know the “features” associated with a node: sinfo -Nel) using the -C option of slurm (salloc -C Bora, for example)
        * guix to manage your experimental environments

Finally, if at the first connection on this new platform you have a message containing:    > ssh-keygen -f “~/.ssh/known_hosts” -R “plafrim-ext”
type the given command and everything should work