PlaFRIM evolutions and calendar

We remind you that from next Tuesday, disruptions are to be expected on PlaFRIM.
When you connect to PlaFRIM, you will be connected to the new nodes available (devel01 and devel02). You will then be able to submit jobs on the new bora001 to bora040 nodes.
As long as PlaFRIM2 nodes are not migrated to PlaFRIM3, you can still connect to the old development nodes (devel11 to devel13) via the “ssh plafrim2” command from the new devel nodes (devel01 or devel02).
The planned schedule remains the same, migrate as many nodes as possible to PlaFRIM3 over the next week.
We still have some configurations to make so that everything is fully operational on PlaFRIM3. Feel free to test it next Tuesday and give us feedback via

Feel free to contact us for any information you may need about this migration.