Building A High-Performance Solver Stack on Top of a Runtime System

The teams HiePACS, Storm and Tadaam have been cooperating for more than a decade now, on developing the idea of building numerical solvers on top of parallel runtime systems.

From the precursory static/dynamic scheduling experiments explored in the PhD of Mathieu Faverge defended in 2009 to the full-featured SolverStack suite of numerical solvers running on modern, task-based runtime systems such as StarPU and PaRSEC, this idea of delegating part of the optimization process from solvers to external system as been successful. The communication library NewMadeleine is also part of this HPC software stack.

PlaFRIM has always been a key enabling component of these collaborations. Thanks to its heterogeneous computing units (standard nodes, GPU, Intel KNL, Numa nodes, …), the development and validation of our software stack have been made easier. Multiple collaborations with national and international universities and industrials have also been made thanks to our use of the platform.

Contact : Olivier Aumage oliver.aumage AT